BWL Music String  Instruments

BWL Music String Instruments Violin/Viola Competition

Contestants: All students of Yvonne Johnson and Lizhou Liu who play in the
  class recital.  Previous winners are not eligible for the current year's competition prize.

Judge: One parent from each student's family. (Conferring among family members is
  allowed, if not encouraged!) If you are late or must leave early, you may not judge.

How to grade: Each judge will have a score sheet. (Please don't score your own   
                                  child; cross his/her name off the score sheet).
 On the sheet, there are 5 categories, each worth 10 points with a possible total of 50 points.
 Please judge based on improvement rather than the most advanced player.
Please write down the winner's name at end of score sheet.
The winner:  The student who gets most votes  will be the winner. We will
collect all score sheets at the end of recital.  If a tie occurs, the younger student will win.

Awards:  Two winners will be chosen, one is from Junior group (Suzuki book 1-3), one is from Senior group (Suzuki book 4 and up). The winner  will receive a certificate from BWL Music String Instruments and a gift of $50 cash each.

Erica A. Crawford
Jennifer Li
Annie Tsai
Stephanie Chu
Michael Liang
Danny Park
Christina G
Winner of 2003
Winner of 2004 ,  senior group
Winner of 2004, junior group
Winner of 2005, senior group
Winner of 2005,  junior group
Winner of 2006, senior group
Winner of 2006, junior group

Ellie D Patty Tao, 
Winner of 2007, senior group Winner of 2007, Junior group.

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