BWL Music String  Instruments

Tertis Model
Stradivari Model

Andreas Eastman Viola "Tertis Model", This professional viola has "Excellent playability, mellow tone, subtle response, and dynamic projection".  Available in 15" - 17", Sale for  $1200, outfit $1400.  "Stradivari Modal" $1100, outfit $1300.


BWL400 viola outfit,  made in China, beautiful selected wood, very easy to play, huge sound. Outfit comes with viola case and brazil wood bow. 

Available viola size from  15" to 16.5".  $525.

Ivan Dunov 160

Ivan Dunov 160 viola, Romanian Instrument.  This viola features upgraded tonewoods and craftsmanship. The instrument has beautifully flamed maple backs and select spruce tops, it has pleasingly mature appearance and sound.  Only $500, outfit, $600.   Ivan Dunov 140 model outfit, only $495.


Bunther Prager, 16" viola.   Romanian Instrument, fabulous wood, rich and beautiful deep sound. Viola alone, $2400.


JVC 15 5/8" viola, European wood,  Chinese made, very nice hand carving, huge and warm sound. $1700.


Martin Beck viola (15"-16.5"),  Romanian Instrument, very easy to play, even tone quality, warm and deep sound. Perfect for student. $1200.

BWL1000 16", Chinese. beautiful wood, one piece back, big sound. $1200.


Used viola 16" outfit, Kresler. With  wood oblong case and carbon fiber bow,  Dominant string set up, big sound.  a nice instrument for student. Outfit, only $900, 

viola alone, $700.

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