BWL Music String  Instruments

Albert Nebel, crafted  entirely in Germany, European tonewoods, beautiful tone.  Violin alone, $1500.

Jurgen Klier, made in Germany, looks and sounding gorgeous. Violin alone, $1800.

Hiroshi Kono, Japan - German violin.  Always come one piece back European wood and perfectly straight grain top. Very powerful sound, beautiful tone. Sounds like $10000 dollar violin. Violin alone, $2400


Anton Kruztler 1927 (German) Sold                 Gavateli 1923  (German)  Sold                       Gavateli 1927  (German) Sold



 Johann Pilzer 1897 (German) Sold         Copy of Antonius Stradivarius 1890 (German) Sold          Neuner and Hornsteiner 1873 (German) Sold



Copy of Strad of 1720 (German 1900)   Sold                            Meinel & Herold 1897 German 


J.T. Lany ( Copy of Strad, French 1890) Sold   Old Czech violin 1890 ( Copy of Stad) Sold    Heinrich Prell 1893 Sold



J. A. Badder 1904 German Sold             J.A.Badder 1893  Sold                                       



Fassauer Ferron 1921 Sold                         Copy of Guanerious 1890 Sold                         Johann Kossler 1902 Sold


Alan R. Payne 1967 England Sold                 Herman Kuntzler 1907 German Sold                 Otto Rzuickuer 1718 German


Reinholh Geipel Sohn 1863


We recently carry some very nice old European violins include country of  German, French and Czechoslovakia. They are in perfect condition. Set up professionally, very easy to play. Sounding fantastic, rich and warm.   Many musician use them in professional orchestra. Price range in $2500 - $3000.