BWL Music String  Instruments

Samuel Eastman VL80 , entirely hand-carved from solid tonewoods, spruce top and maple back, ebony pegs, chinrest, and fingerboard. Outfit includes brazil wood bow or K. Holtz fiberglass bow and Protege shaped case. Violin available in sizes 1/10 - 4/4.   Call for price, we beat any price in nation wide. 


Andreas Eastman VL200, Stradivari pattern, entirely hand crafted, attractive and durable hand applied translucent amber varnish. Pretty and even sounding.
Call for price, we beat any price in nation wide.

Eastman VL205, violin alone, entirely hand crafted of well seasoned, select tonewoods. African ebony fingerboard. Professionally set up, easy to play. Best student instrument in this price range. $570.


Andreas Eastman VL305, violin alone. Hand crafted from select tonewoods. Hand applied antique style spirit varnish. Professionally set up. Big sounds and  beautiful tone. $830.

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